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Cristex Supplies SAERTEX Fabrics to the Wind Power Industry

An ever-growing industry, the renewable energy sector is increasingly turning to the use of fibre reinforced polymers as a key element in construction and manufacturing. Properties such as minimal maintenance, excellent fatigue strength and the...

Cristex Supplier Gains EN9100 Certification

Cristex is delighted to announce that one if its principle suppliers has received industry approval and EN 9100 certification. As the UK distributor of SAERTEX, Cristex is able to provide carbon fabrics for applications in...

Cristex Supplies PVC Flexyfoam for Cross-Sector Applications

Cristex supplies the Flexyfoam range of PVC Foams, which the company says is a unique closed cell, cross linked polymer foam that combines high-stiffness and strength-to-weight ratios with superior toughness.

The fine cell structure provides an...

Cristex Celebrates 25 Years of Business

Founded in July 1990 by Bruce Craig, Cristex is now celebrating its 25th year of being in business.

Cristex is a supplier of high-performance fibres and fabrics for the UK Composites and Reinforced Plastics Markets....

Cristex Announce New CaD Cam Design and Cutting Technology

Cristex has announced its new CaD Design and CaM cutting machine, which the company says can keep pace with the innovative range of materials used today by its marine, aerospace, aviation, automotive and technical textile...


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