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Longstanding Partnership Brings 50% Time Saving to Advanced Composites Market

A longstanding partnership between Base Materials and Marbocote has produced a new product to reduce curing times in the composites industry. The partnership has resulted in Base becoming technical experts in Marbocote’s products and can...

Intelicare Composites Division Synonymous with RTM, Heated Platen Presses and Curing Ovens

Intelicare Composites Division now boasts an impressive portfolio of equipment for R&D and production, encompassing composites RTM, forming and curing, all under one roof.

This, the company says, provides the capability to supply individual products...

L&L Products Launches Innovative Room Temperature Curing Pastes

L&L Products has launched a series of room temperature curing adhesives and sealants that were shown at the JEC Europe show in March.

These were the L&L Bond A-K structural adhesives and L&L Seal A-J elastic...


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