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Cecence's Samantha Bunyan wins Woman in Aerospace Award

Samantha Bunyan, Co-Founder & Head of Industry Engagement at Cecence, was recognised by industry peers and named The Best Woman in Aerospace at the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium's inaugural awards ceremony in Hampshire last month.


Alvant Promote Aluminium Matrix Composites At Farnborough

Last month’s Alvant promoted the advantages of Aluminium Matrix Composites at Farnborough Air Show.

Alvant, (previously Composite Metal Technology or CMT) is a recently launched British advanced materials technology business, created to respond to the...

epm: technology group Showcase New Lightweight Aircraft at Farnborough 2016

epm: technology has opened its 2016 Farnborough campaign by pulling the covers off a new autogyro.

The Dragon GBT 1170 for Chimera Aviation is part of a clever partnership aimed to demonstrate ‘tech’ capabilities on...


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