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Fibrelite's ‘Fit And Forget’ Covers Replace ‘Unfit’ GRP Grating

A third-party construction firm reached out to Fibrelite regarding a project at James House in York, where they required a replacement for previously installed GRP grating, identified as unfit for the site’s requirements.

The previously...

Fibrelite Releases New Case Study Book Featuring Over 120 Installations in Over 90 Countries

Fibrelite has released its second edition case study book - a library of over 120 technical installations showcasing Fibrelite’s manhole and trench access covers as well as underground containment systems and sister brands KPS (piping)...

Lightweight Composite Access Covers Speed-Up Access To Underground Infrastructure and Fibreoptic Cabling

The construction challenges of cloud and data centres continue to change and evolve with the ever-increasing use of and reliance on the facilities. Today sees an increasing focus on efficiency, reliability and reduced downtime, while...


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