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ECS Engineering Services Install KLP Footbridge

A new footbridge, installed by ECS Engineering Services, providing access to an Environment Agency groundwater pumping station near Newbury in Berkshire has won the praise of local residents because of the minimal disturbance during installation....

ECS Engineering Services Utilises FRP to Replace Aging Footbridge

ECS Engineering Services has recently replaced an aging timber pedestrian footbridge, located in Nazeing Marsh near Broxbourne, with a highly durable fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) alternative. Working on behalf of the Environment Agency, the Nottinghamshire...

ECS Brings FRP Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Technology to the UK

ECS Engineering Services is delivering a new technology to the UK for cycle and foot bridges, built around fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) technology to provide a durable, lightweight, modern alternative to traditional construction materials.



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