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UK Flowtechnik: The Key Challenges of Pumping and Metering Resins

Pumps and flow meters are essential equipment in the composites industry. Recent developments in technology means that more advanced pumps and flow meters are now being used to dispense special resins. However, there are several...

UK Flowtechnik Discusses Challenges of Pumping and Metering of Viscous Resins

When it comes to pumping and metering, viscous resins pose a number of significant challenges for the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy industries.  Here, Andrew Biggs and James Lees from UK Flowtechnik, a Nottingham-based supplier...

UK Flowtechnik Perform World First in Metering Extremely Viscous Adhesive

UK Flowtechnik, a UK supplier of flow meters, instrumentation, pumps, magnetic couplings and hydraulic system components, says it has broken new ground by being the first company in the world to accurately meter extremely viscous adhesive...


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