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Two New Turbomolecular Pump Sizes from Leybold for R&D and Industrial Applications

In June 2020 the vacuum specialist Leybold has expanded its TURBOVAC i/iX series - 90, 250, 350 and 450 - by the sizes 850 i/iX and 950 i/iX to six models. The two new turbomolecular...

Bespoke Test Rig Boosts Repeatable Efficiency to 94% for a Major UK Pump Manufacturer

Hydrotechnik (UK), based in Nottingham, has provided a bespoke test rig for a major UK pump manufacturer which has increased repeatable efficiency from 85% to over 94%. Using the data gathered from the Hydrotechnik rig,...

Koordynacja Chose Busch Seco Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump in Orthopaedic Insole Production

The Koordynacja company in Radom, Poland, produces innovative podiatric orthopaedics, as well as developing and marketing orthopaedic devices. The latest development is a CNC milling centre, which reads patients’ data and automatically manufactures orthopaedic insoles...


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