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Leybold Increases the Energy Efficiency of its Diffusion Pumps

The subject of energy efficiency of vacuum solutions plays an important role in all areas of application. Not least for this reason, the vacuum supplier Leybold from Cologne has continuously reduced the energy consumption of...

Leybold Promote Scrollvac Plus Vacuum Pumps As Flexible, Robust, and Low-Maintenance


Users in research and industry increasingly rely on dry and robust vacuum solutions, which will also provide flexibility of use. With the modernized, air-cooled Scrollvac plus, Leybold offers an new uncomplicated, reliable fore vacuum...

Busch to Exhibit at the K Show

Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems will be showcasing its enhanced vacuum solutions for the plastics and rubber industry at K 2016. In addition to the new size of Mink MV claw vacuum pump, an extruder...

UK Flowtechnik: The Key Challenges of Pumping and Metering Resins

Pumps and flow meters are essential equipment in the composites industry. Recent developments in technology means that more advanced pumps and flow meters are now being used to dispense special resins. However, there are several...

Busch Supplies Mink Claw Vacuum Pumps

Labotek produces centralised materials supply systems for the plastics industry. These supply systems allow granulates and additives to be transported from silos via dryers to extruders, injection moulding machines and blow moulding machines distributed throughout a...

UKFlowtechnik Presents Precision Pumps Designed for Robotics

Due to the movements of modern robotics with the requirement of both ‘reach’ and ‘rotation’ to complete the programmed task, UKFlowtechnik says weight and size are critical.

The company, based in Nottingham, UK, offer the...


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