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Shape Maintain Stable Supply Chain Despite Coronavirus fears

SHAPE has been in discussions with suppliers to ensure production can continue despite Coronavirus fears.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “We have been closely working with our suppliers to ensure we have options going forward....

Shape Machines Bespoke CNC Jigs To Increase Productivity

Shape are continuing to provide engineering and manufacturing solutions for trimming, bonding and inspection fixtures.

This particular fixture was designed and manufactured by Shape and will be used to machine Rohacell foam parts in-house, eliminating...

Shape Adds Manufacturing Capacity for F1 Car Build

Shape Machining Ltd has increased its workforce by employing additional pattern makers, allowing for reduced lead times and also quicker reactivity to tight deadline RFQ’s.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “We are absolutely delighted to...

Shape Develops New Process for High Volume Composite Part Manufacture

Shape says it has unlocked the key to high-volume composite part manufacture.

Recent improvements to the way in which thermoplastic carbon fibre parts are press moulded at Shape, has resulted in a significant reduction in...

Shape Machining Commissions Additional Faro Laser Scanning Inspection Arm

Shape Machining has recently commissioned another Faro laser scanning inspection arm as part of the continuous improvement programme.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said: “It has always been important for us to ensure that the quality...

Shape Quadruples Pattern Machining Capacity

Shape Machining has quadrupled the capacity of epoxy pattern machining from the same time last year, as a result of recent expansion.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “We have had a busy year at Shape...

Shape Offers Large Polished Metal Tooling to the Composites Industry

Shape Machining says it has large tool machining capacity available to support the composites industry.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “After significant recent expansion all our large multi-axis CNC machines are settled-in and machining patterns...

Shape Machining Offer Carbon Fibre Preforms

Shape has been working with various customers who are looking to take advantage of the new and novel visual options that a ShapeTex preform can offer.

Shape Machining Ltd’s Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “With...

Shape Buys the Assets of Fine Cut Advanced Engineering

Shape Machining Ltd has purchased the assets and goodwill of Fine Cut Advanced Engineering.

Managing Director of Shape, Peter McCool, said “We are really pleased to have taken over the assets, goodwill and employees of...

Shape Machining take Fibre Placement to the Next Level

Shape Machining is launching ShapeTex - a preform which the company says is designed and manufactured with ultimate performance in mind.

The ability to place carbon fibres exactly where required allows, each part made from...


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