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SHAPE Continues to Machine Automotive CNC Fixtures

Shape Machining continues to design and manufacture CNC jigs and fixtures for the Automotive industry.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “We are delighted to be carrying out the design and manufacture of numerous CNC jigs...

Shape Continue to Deliver Automotive Fixtures

Shape Machining Ltd continues to design and manufacture CNC, inspection and bonding jigs for the Aerospace, Motorsport and Automotive industry.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “having recently grown our design team, we have added capacity...

Shape Machining Ready to Support F1

Shape Machining is looking forward to supporting F1 with Pattern and Rohacell machining.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller, said “We have put safe working practices in place with sufficient staffing to support the Motorsport industry. We...

Machining Advanced Composites to Customer Requirements at Shape

Shape Machining Ltd is continuing to explore and learn how to machine different advanced composite materials based on customer requirements.

Managing Director, Ryan Muller said “As well as our pattern and foam machining capability, we...

Shape Machine's Novel Carbon Materials

Shape Machining Ltd is machining a greater variety of advanced materials than ever before. As well as patterns and foams, SHAPE is also machining Carbon inserts for the F1 and motorsport industry as well as...

Shape Appoints New Managing Director

Ryan Muller has been promoted to Managing Director of Shape Machining Ltd.

Ryan joined over two years ago and has quickly risen through the ranks from Commercial Manager to Commercial Director. His promotion today is...

Oxford Brookes Racing Gets Support from Shape Machining

Shape Machining Ltd is proud to be working with top UK Formula Student team Oxford Brookes Racing.

Shape says it provides accurate CNC machined patterns and Rohacell foams to support the manufacture of the carbon...

Shape Machining Launch Shape FastForm

Shape Machining has launched the Shape FastForm process, developed specifically to drastically reduce the time it takes to manufacture thermoplastic carbon composite parts.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “We have developed this technology as part...

Shape Develops New Process for High Volume Composite Part Manufacture

Shape says it has unlocked the key to high-volume composite part manufacture.

Recent improvements to the way in which thermoplastic carbon fibre parts are press moulded at Shape, has resulted in a significant reduction in...

Shape Machining Introduces Night Shift

A full night shift is in place at Shape Machining Ltd and will operate all year round.

Managing Director, Peter McCool, said “It is a significant achievement that we have a fully operating team of...


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