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STRUCTeam Appoints Automotive and Transportation Specialists to Strengthen Expansion

STRUCTeam, a leading independent composites engineering consultancy, has appointed Dr Roman Hillermeier as Transport Sector Lead and Dr Joseph Laux as Senior Technical Advisor. These important new additions are part of a wider investment strategy...

Permali Developing Breakthrough Composite Structure for Hydrogen Buses

Permali has won UK Government funding to develop a lightweight composite solution that will allow existing diesel-powered buses to be retrofitted with zero-emission hydrogen powertrains. The objective is to rapidly develop an affordable green technology...

Powdertech Talk About Lightweighting for the Transport Sector

Lightweighting in manufacture is an urgent objective, most particularly for the transport sector.

To date, the lack of a satisfactory joining solution has deterred designers from specifying polypropylene (PP) based composite materials in many areas...

Exel Discuss How Composites Benefit the Transportation Industry

In 2018, an estimated 142 billion gallons of gasoline were consumed in the United States, with heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) attributing to 20 per cent of this figure. With the environmental impact of fuel clear...

Developing a UK Standards Strategy for the Uptake of Light-weight Materials by the Transport Industry

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, BEIS, has funded BSI to investigate where standards and standards related activity could help enable the uptake of light-weight materials, namely composites, in the transport industry.



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