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  • Submitted on 4 Mar 2021

    This interview with Colorplas was originally published by Composites in Manufacturing Magazine. You can learn more about them, here.

    What are the types of demands placed on your company by today’s customers?


  • Submitted on 2 Mar 2021

    The continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolding throughout 2021 has forced the JEC World team to re-examine the possibility of holding the next edition of JEC World this year. Thus, after thorough consultation of...

  • Submitted on 1 Mar 2021

    With 36% of small to medium-sized businesses halting all growth initiatives and 80% reporting a decline in revenues since March 2020, it’s clear the global pandemic has taken its toll on UK SMEs. Generating 50%...

  • Submitted on 26 Feb 2021

    During this lockdown, Gearing Scientific is still offering thermal testing:

    Thermal conductivity from 0 to 180°C mean T for all composites.

    Thermal expansion from <<-100° to 1000°C for all solids on a TMA.

    DMA for...

  • Submitted on 25 Feb 2021

    Britannia Fire Limited, based in Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, is an award-winning independent manufacturer of fire extinguishers.

    The company, which employs 37 staff, has made portable and wheeled fire extinguishers since the 1970s. It supplies a wide...

  • Submitted on 25 Feb 2021

    High-quality results, automated processes, efficient work procedures and maximum safety in manufacturing – the demands on modern CAM systems are high. Constantly changing market requirements and technical innovations require continuous adaptation of the software. As...

  • Submitted on 25 Feb 2021

    A ground-breaking new winding machine that uses rotating rings to lay down large volumes of material around a static mandrel is transforming the way long, straight, continuous composite parts can be made.

    The Multi Axis...

  • Submitted on 25 Feb 2021

    In an athletic sprint race, a split second can mean the difference between winning and losing. It’s been shown that athletes who sprint 40 meters wearing spiked shoes can finish 0.11 seconds faster than those...

  • Submitted on 24 Feb 2021

    Pentaxia, manufacturer of advanced composite components announces the renewal of its supply agreement with Martin-Baker Aircraft Limited. Pentaxia designs/manufactures tooling and composite components utilising specialist press forming technology from its dedicated production facility located centrally...

  • Submitted on 23 Feb 2021
    CNC Meeting

    KUKA’ system partner programme has been developed to establish strategic partnerships that bring in-depth knowledge of applications and specialist skills to the benefit of customers across all manufacturing sectors.

    An established portfolio of silver, gold...


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