What repair methods can be used on composite materials?

Repair of FRP Composites

We’ve had composites boats on the water for 70 years and commercial aircraft for 40 years, so we have learnt to repair them effectively. Composites are often used to repair steel pipes, concrete bridges and vehicles, as well. Repairs can even be carried out on wind turbine blades in situ, 100m above the ocean.

As you would expect, successful repairs depend on good surface preparation, well designed repair procedures and the use of the right materials. Major repair of structural parts needs careful engineering design.

As composites don’t easily dent like metals, it’s not always easy to see if there is underlying damage after an impact. Various non-destructive testing and evaluation (NDT / NDE) methods have been developed, such as ultrasound, acoustic emission and laser shearography.

Further Information

NCN report – Repair of FRP composite structures