Contributing £10.72bn to the UK economy and providing 47,500 high value jobs, the UK composites industry is a Strategic National Asset, years in the making, that holds the key to how our powerhouse industries – aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, and infrastructure – decarbonise and remain globally competitive. The UK composites sector brings together world leading science, engineering and innovation skills which are fundamental to achieving the UK’s transformation to a low carbon future and, along the way, creating thousands of new skilled jobs.

Composites UK is working to position itself as best providing the coherent voice of the industry and engaging with key decision makers within UK Government. Working with the Composites Leadership Forum, and key industry players, we are developing our collective ‘ask’.

One key activity is our involvement in setting up an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for ‘Materials for Clean Growth’ to ensure the voice of the UK composites sector is represented in discussions.