Response to the Goverment’s Relaxation of the UK’s Net-Zero Approach

It was with regret that we learnt this week of the Government’s relaxation of the net-zero approach to be adopted by the current administration. Whilst we must understand and recognise the current pressures on the cost of living, stability is the lynchpin which all households and businesses need in times of unmitigated change. The relaxation of the requirements will now mean there will be 5 years less time for households and businesses to get ready for the 2050 requirements.

Up until this announcement, the UK had taken an admirable leadership position on climate change and one that the UK could be proud of with many Countries looking at the UK for leadership. This weakening of the climate mandate will undermine this position and send a weak message to businesses that will have already set out their stall with the 2030 and 2035 requirements in mind. One hopes that these businesses will continue on their path regardless of the weakening of the current Governments position.