Composites UK Comment on Retained EU Law Announcement

Composites UK were pleased to see that the decision to remove EU laws by 2023 has been rethought by the Department of Business and Trade.

Like many trade associations, the composites industry has welcomed The Retained EU Bill announcement (smarter regulation unveiled to cut red tape and grow the economy).

Now that the deadline of the end of 2023 has been abandoned, we want to use our momentum from our recent Parliamentary Reception to work with our government leaders to maximise the legislation that enables growth within our industry, supports the net-zero ten-point plan and encourages home-grown investment to allow us to compete on the global stage. There is no reason why UKPLC shouldn’t win from the recent announcement.

Composites UK Chairman Dr Alan Banks said: “It has always been our hope that UK politics would move away from sensationalist headlines that pander to the instant gratification of some of the electorate and move towards sensible long-term planning that will enable a strong and resilient Britain.

“The perception that all laws European are bad is clearly nonsense and their blanket removal without any due diligence would be extremely difficult for UK manufacturing. We live in a world where one size doesn’t fit all and it is with relief that the Secretary of State for Business and Trade has understood the complexity of the issues this bill would have generated.

“We have the means to cherry-pick the specifics of the regulations which would see British businesses benefit the most; and with the removal of the artificial time scale, we now have the correct means to deliver.”