Cygnet Texkimp is opening it’s doors to customers, suppliers and industry professionals to go behind the scenes of an export-led British manufacturer at its Industry Open Day.

Programme of events:

9.00 – Site open for visitors

9.50 – Introduction to Cygnet Texkimp by Luke Vardy, CEO

10.00 – Innovation Centre Walk-Through

11.00 – Factory Tour

13.50 – Introduction to Cygnet Texkimp by Luke Vardy, CEO

14.00 – Innovation Centre Walk-Through

15.00 – Factory Tour

16.00 – Site closed to visitors

Pre-registered visitors welcome between 9am and 4pm where light refreshments will be available. Please note, photography will not be allowed on site.
Innovation Centre Walk-Through

Groups will be guided through the Innovation Centre where you will get the opportunity to meet the Cygnet Texkimp experts that design and build the state-of-the-art handling and processing machinery which is supplied to high-performance fibre and fabric industries. There will be live kit demonstrations and experts available to discuss:

Robotic Filament Winding Cell

Cygnet Texkimp’s Winder Tending Systems are robotic systems used to automatically load fibre unwinds or unload winders. These systems can communicate with the winders via a plc to determine when loading or unloading is required, and can extract other production information, such as wind length, date and time and product type.

Thermoplastic Prepreg Line

Cygnet Texkimp’s thermoplastic prepreg technology is designed to manufacture thermoplastic tapes in large volumes for markets such as automotive and construction. The Direct Melt Impregnation Thermoplastic Line is believed to be the world’s first commercially available thermoplastic manufacturing line capable of using standard polymers, from polypropylene to PEEK, to create high-grade thermoplastic prepregs on an industrial scale.

Multi Axis Winder (MAW)

Cygnet Texkimp’s Multi-Axis Winder is a high-speed winding machine capable of winding technical fibres including carbon, aramid and glass quickly and accurately into strong and lightweight composite parts for automotive, aerospace, rail, sailing, construction, wind energy.


Composites Circularity through Pressolysis. DEECOM® is a novel method of recovery called pressolysis (use of pressure) which separates the valuable fibre and the polymeric resins in order for each to be reclaimed without any burning, weakening or change to length & format. This process preserves material integrity and enables circularity and future life cycles for both fibre and polymer.

Thermoset Prepreg Line

Cygnet Texkimp’s thermoset processing machines are commonly used in conjunction with our high-precision filming and coating systems to achieve the lowest and most uniform coat weights, and deliver the lightest, thinnest, and strongest prepregs in the market.

Slitter Spooler

Cygnet Texkimp offers a range of high-speed slitting and rewinding machines suitable for a variety of materials including plastics, films, foils, foams, adhesives and non-adhesives.

Filament Winder

Cygnet Texkimp’s Robotic Filament Winder combines a conventional filament winding approach with robotics to make the process more flexible in terms of the size and shape of structure that it can manufacture. This machine uses a robotic arm to feed fibre into the winding mechanism from multiple axes and can be engineered to deliver very high levels of tension. This will include a driven creel example.

Handling and Automation Demonstrator

Cygnet Texkimp has developed a range of state-of-the-art automation and handling solutions to work alongside our fibre processing and converting technologies. These are designed to help customers manipulate bobbins of fibre on and off machinery, plug labour gaps and reduce associated costs, maintain fibre quality, and improve product traceability.

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