5 September 2024, Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes

The event brings together leading academic and industry researchers and innovators in the construction and infrastructure industry to share and discuss recent developments and future perspectives in the application of fibre-reinforced polymer composites across the sector.

Programme (subject to change)

Includes breaks, lunch, networking & time to view the exhibition

9 – 9.30am – Registration and coffee

FPCC 2024 CHAIR: Prof. Chao Wu, Imperial College London

Keynote: Andy Cross, Network Rail

Codes and Standards

  • J Toby Mottram, The University of Warwick – Status and Future for the Structural Eurocode project Design of Fibre-Polymer Composite Structures
  • Kent A. Harries, University of Pittsburgh – Current State of Play in Composites Standardisation in the United States

All-FRP Structures

  • Nigel Finney, Hive Composites Ltd – Composite Poles in Infrastructure – Road, Rail & Electricity distribution


  • Caroline Durnwalder, Wolfgang Fiel, Philipp Preinstorfer, TU Wien, and University of Vienna, Austria – Optimising FRP Reinforcement Layout by Using Embroidery Technology


  • Asaad Biqai, Eleni Toumpanaki, Manjola Caro, Ian Hamerton, University of Bristol – Durability Assessment of GFRP Bars in Marine Environments
  • Kaloyana Kostova, Callum Branfoot, Rebecca Clark – NCC | Antony Darby, Mark Evernden, Xinyuan Ke – University of Bath – Appropriate Testing Approach for Durability of FRP rebar in AACM concrete
  • Xiangdong Geng, Chao Wu, Imperial College London – A New Database about the Durability of FRP Rebar for the Future Development of Machine Learning Modelling

Life Cycle and Sustainability

  • Meiran Abdo, Eleni Toumpanaki, Andrea Diambra , University of Bristol – Recycling of FRP Wind Blade Waste Material in Concrete

New Materials and Processes

  • Ruizhe Zhang, Junyi Wang, Siqi Liu, Guoqing Jing, Beijing Jiaotong University, China – Research on Mechanical Performance of Novel Bamboo-Plywood Composite Railway Sleeper
  • Guozhen Ding, Chao Wu, Imperial College London – Understanding Polymer Behaviours in High-Pressure Hydrogen Environments: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Praveen Karebaser, Open University – Quantification of Mesoscale Residual Stress in Crossply Laminar Polymer Composites using Contour Method

15:50      Final remarks & close


FPCC 2024 is taking place alongside the International Composites Summit! To book, visit https://fpcc2024.eventbrite.co.uk

When booking, there is also an option to add on a place at the ICS networking dinner, being held the evening before (4th September, 7pm @ the adjoining Doubletree Hilton).

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