Webinar series taking place between 23rd January and 19th March 2024

Building on theĀ Materials and manufacturing vision 2050: Reimagining materials and manufacturing together, this series of workshops will take a deeper dive into the aspects of Materials for the future economy.

The Materials and manufacturing vision 2050 states:

  • Materials, associated processing and new material applications will be the basis for cutting-edge products that reduce emissions, energy consumption and costs for UK manufacturing
  • The rapid discovery with broad adoption and efficient processing of advanced and sustainable materials underpin decarbonised economies and have strengthened resilience in supply chains

Why should you attend these workshops?

  • Inform Innovate UK about priorities for further work and funding
  • Refine the vision to inform future funding competitions
  • Network with the community to enable collaboration
  • Receive output from the workshop (within 1 week of the event) with the ability to provide further feedback and input

This series of eight workshops taking place between 23rd January and 19th March 2024 will delve into different innovation strands identified in the vision.

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