10 – 12 October 2024, Istanbul, Turkey


As the Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association, armed with over 18 years of expertise in composites and a track record of numerous successful events, we are poised to elevate its journey onto the global stage.

Presenting “TURK Composites,” a retrospective shedding light on the sector’s past decade, this exhibition is reborn with the vision and responsibility to globalize its impact under the “MEET4COMPOSITE” brand. In alignment with our commitment to uniting all stakeholders of the Composites Industry, the “MEET4COMPOSITE” Exhibition, generously supported by your contributions, is set to unfold from October 10-12, 2024, at the prestigious Istanbul Congress Center (ICC) in Harbiye, Istanbul. The world eagerly awaits the unveiling of “MEET4COMPOSITE,” and the organisers extend a warm invitation for your participation in this pivotal event.

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Organization: Dilek Soydan +90 549 696 21 00 Emel Yılmaz +90 542 673 78 78

Email: info@meet4composite.com
Supported by Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association

Tel: +90 216 685 12 68
Website: https://meet4composite.com/en/

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