Thursday 11th July, 12noon – 1pm, Online

Composites UK is delighted to announce the addition of Auditel to the Business Support Network for members, to provide support to members with net-zero planning and carbon accounting. This addition increases the support available to members as they seek to understand their current carbon baseline and then develop plans to decarbonise their business activities and product portfolios.

For all Composites UK members, sustainability is crucial:

  • Most tenders, bids, and proposals now require carbon and sustainability disclosures, increasingly influencing decisions.
  • Companies are losing sales or contracts due to inadequate sustainability efforts.
  • Insurers are denying or withdrawing coverage for unsustainable buildings and assets.
  • Businesses with sustainability plans access cheaper capital and lending.
  • Sustainability efforts often lead to significant cost savings.

Despite this, we’re aware of only a few members who have or are implementing a sustainability strategy.

To support members, we have partnered with Auditel (who are already aiding SHD Composite Materials) and we will be hosting a webinar on July 11th to discuss their work and how you can leverage their expertise.

Why we think this partnership is so valuable?

  • Sustainability is becoming a core driver in the conversion of commercial opportunities and sales
  • Hiring a full-time sustainability expert is costly and often unnecessary
  • External support is usually too expensive
  • Self-driven progress requires significant time, effort, and senior-level oversight
  • Delegating below the director level rarely yields progress
  • Tangible action is necessary as ad-hoc efforts are inadequate

We really hope you feel this partnership will be valuable for your business too.


This is a member’s only webinar. Please register via Zoom, here.

To check that your company is a current member of Composites UK, click here.

Members can login to the Member Resources area to learn more about Auditel in the meantime (please note that link will only work if you’re already logged in to the website).