2024 OK Dinghy World Championship GBR team, Jointly Sponsored by PRO-SET® Epoxy and Ovington Boats in Brisbane, Australia

The prestigious OK Dinghy World Championship is set to take place in Brisbane, Australia in February 2024, following a pre-world regatta earlier in the month. The championship promises exciting racing conditions with warm weather averaging 28-30°C and 12-18 knots of breeze.

This year’s championship ventures to the vibrant shores of Australia. The joint sponsors for the GBR team at the 2024 OK Dinghy World Championship are PRO-SET® Epoxy and Ovington Boats, both contributing to the success of this global sailing event.

Nick Craig, a five-time world champion, shared his anticipation, stating, “I am really looking forward to the OK World next month in Brisbane. The OK offers an amazing combination of big fleets, friendly socials, quality global venues and a refined boat to sail. We are very grateful for the support from PRO-SET Epoxy.”

In a reminiscent nod to last year’s success, the 2024 championship is expected to attract over 100 competitors from various nations, including New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, France and Norway. The class’s international appeal has grown, with boats now sailed in more than 21 countries, establishing the OK Dinghy World Championships as a highly competitive and widely embraced class.

PRO-SET Epoxy, the co-sponsor, joins forces with Tynemouth based Ovington Boats. Ovington has been manufacturing OK Dinghies since 2017, the use of PRO-SET formulations contributing to their current success.

“Ovington Boats has been collaborating with Wessex Resins for three years, focusing on production and development” says Chris Turner, MD Ovington Boats. “This partnership has led to new systems and projects, particularly in the area of sustainable materials and performance testing. The relationship continues to grow, and we appreciate the support given to the OK Class assisting in travel to the 2024 World Championship. We hope our sailors can deliver the results!”

The Ovington OK Dinghy, renowned for its CNC-machined hull, deck, centreboard and rudder tooling, offers superior accuracy and finish together with a consistent epoxy composite build. The class’s popularity extends beyond the competitive realm, drawing interest in recreational sailing and contributing a renewed sense of enthusiasm.

“As we look forward to the 2024 OK Dinghy World Championship in Brisbane, we’re proud to support the GBR team alongside Ovington Boats” says Sam Oliver, Operations Director at Wessex Resins. “The sight of Ovington OK Dinghies, each laminated with PRO-SET Epoxy, on the water will be a testament to our commitment to quality. Here’s to a championship that brings out the best in sailing. Good luck to all the competitors!”

The International OK Dinghy World Championship will be held at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from the 26th Feb-2nd March 2024.

Website: www.okdia.org