Achieving Composite-Metal Bonds Three Times Stronger than Structural Adhesives

For bonding metal to polypropylene, PowderBond is more than three times stronger than structural adhesives, and quicker and cleaner.

The Automotive Lightweight Design Group (Leichtbau-im-Automobil) has been testing PowderBond at Paderborn University, the highly respected testing institute for automotive manufacturing in Germany. Bonding strengths achieved between aluminium and different glass fibre composites from Huesker and Mitsubishi Advanced Materials far exceeded expected levels. Strengths of over 20Mpa were achieved with all test specimens.

The PowderBond system is increasingly being used to facilitate lightweighting where light metals and composites are brought together as structural components. Such hybrid assemblies are a critical aspect in design of electric vehicle chassis and battery base plates. Designers of other lightweight structures are following suit.
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