Base Materials Launches New Mass Casting Service

Demonstrating its ability to meet the ever-changing demands of the industries within which it operates, Base Materials launches a new UK-based mass casting service for near-net-shape tooling or modelling.

Providing an alternative method to traditional modelling and tooling board materials for CNC machining, the new service at its facility in Leicester, UK, enables Base Materials to create a single-piece, near-net-shape tool or model, custom-made to any shape.

Not only does mass casting result in no visible bond or witness lines giving an ultra-smooth surface finish, but in comparison to traditional processes, near-net-shape casting – where a mould is created to cast the form close to the size and shape required for the final part – eliminates unnecessary material wastage created during machining and reduces downstream processing costs.

John Miller, Managing Director of Base Materials, says: “We are keen to provide an alternative solution to complement our existing composite tooling board materials that are blocked up and milled to shape using a CNC machine. Casting a tool or model in one single piece with no witness or bond lines can be a key factor in some automotive and aerospace applications, where a high aesthetic finish is essential.

“The launch of our new mass casting service is yet a further showcase of our unwavering commitment to continually evolving our industry-leading offering to the benefit of our customers. Additionally, it marks the continuation of significant investment in recent years which has seen the bolstering of testing facilities at our laboratory and production site in Leicester and a new state-of-the-art production facility in Birmingham.”

Suitable for high-temperature applications in addition to complex geometric, and near-net-shape forms, Base Materials has a range of materials available for mass casting applications. These boast densities ranging from 600 kg/m3 to 1,700 kg/m3.