Biesterfeld Enters Strategic Partnership with Solvay to Distribute its Range of Composite Materials in Continental Europe

Biesterfeld Spezialchemie and Solvay have signed a distribution agreement for advanced composite materials such as prepregs, adhesive films, adhesives and primers that are predominantly used in aviation, automotive and other industrial applications. The new cooperation will start immediately and see Biesterfeld distributing the innovative product portfolio in continental Europe and North Africa.

Biesterfeld and Solvay can already look back on a fruitful partnership for high-performance polymers for the plastics industry, high-performance rubber materials for the rubber industry and organic fluorinated intermediates for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical sector. The new agreement covers composite materials including the innovative prepreg brands CYCOM®, Solvalite®, MTM®, LTM®, VTM® and HTM®. The preimpregnated fibres fulfil the highest standard for the aviation and automotive industries and are used for primary and secondary structure applications. Weight savings and cost benefits can be achieved while providing excellent structural performance. Both autoclave and out-of-autoclave (OOA) systems are available. By this agreement, Biesterfeld will also distribute one-part and two-part Solvay’s resin infusion systems such as PRISM® series. Solvay’s PRISM® resin infusion product portfolio represents a step forward in resin infusion capability, delivering primary structure level performance without limitation in reinforcement or processing type. With PRISM® manufacturers no longer face trade-offs between performance and processing they are able to achieve.

The portfolio also includes FM® structural adhesive films which are designed to meet precise requirements on metal-to-metal, composite-to-metal and composite-to-composite bonding. Other adhesives brands that Biesterfeld will have access to include DAPCO®; AeroPaste®; BR® and Surface Master®. DAPCO® series comprises rapid cure and room temperature cure sealants, potting compounds and paste adhesives. DAPCO® firewall sealants are characterised by exceptional heat and fire protection for different aircraft applications. AeroPaste® complements the adhesive portfolio with high-performance paste adhesives for cost-efficient rapid assembly.

The chromated and non-chromate corrosion-inhibiting BR® bonding primers guarantee processing flexibility, easier manufacturing processes and improved adhesion while inhibiting degradation to provide long-term durability for aerospace applications. Surface Master® surfacing films aim to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by significantly reducing surface defects and by offering superior handling properties that make manufacturing easier.

“We are honoured to be granted the distribution rights for Solvay’s innovative and high-end advanced composite materials. The products meet the highest industry standards and will bring customers, especially in the aviation sector, remarkable manufacturing possibilities,” comments Stig Eines, Market Manager Composite & Tooling, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie. “In fact, customers will gain access to leading-edge technology products along with prompt technical assistance which optimizes production processes immensely,” added Sergej But, Head of Sales Europe Performance Products, Biesterfeld Spezialchemie.