Cygnet Texkimp And Longworth Shortlisted For Energy & Sustainability Award At Make UK North West Regional Finals

Engineering companies Cygnet Texkimp and Longworth have been shortlisted for an Energy & Sustainability Award in the Make UK North West regional finals which take place on 7 November 2023.

The technology partners earned the shortlisting for their innovative materials recycling solution, DEECOM®, which has been developed to address the environmental impact of waste in the global composites manufacturing industry.

The solution essentially de-manufactures composite materials and parts using pressurised steam in a process called Pressolysis to separate and reclaim constituent elements, including high-quality carbon fibre, for reuse in the manufacture of new composites or in other industries. Applications range from marine to wind turbines, automotive, aerospace, rail, and construction.

“We’re delighted to have been shortlisted in the Make UK Awards for the second year running,” says Luke Vardy, CEO of Cheshire-based Cygnet Texkimp which manufactures specialist machinery to handle and process technical fibres and composite materials and has developed and commercialised the DEECOM® solution in partnership with the technology’s inventor, Longworth.

“Manufacturing communities around the world are facing growing pressure to manage waste more sustainably amid increasing regulation and rising demand from consumers and businesses committed to investing in greener goods, from cars to packaging.

“Composite materials are known to be complex to recycle, but doing so is vital in achieving energy efficiency and Net Zero sustainability targets, particularly in the transport and renewable energy markets.

“DEECOM® significantly lowers the life cycle impact of manufactured composite materials and parts by giving the fibres and resins that go into making them not only a second life but the potential for multiple life cycles and creating a secure supply of high-quality recycled carbon fibre.”

Jen Hill, Director of Blackburn-based Longworth, said: “We’re proud British manufacturers so being shortlisted in the Make UK Awards is a great honour and gives us a valuable platform to share the work we’re doing to improve materials circularity.

“DEECOM® ensures nothing is wasted and no element of the composite material or part has to be scrapped or sent to landfill. The technology enables manufacturers to lower their CO² emissions including embedded emissions by reducing waste to landfill, cutting reliance on imports of raw materials, and reducing the amount of heat energy lost during the process.

“The solution is good news for the UK economy because it minimises our reliance on imported materials and their associated costs both monetary and environmental while overcoming challenges associated with international supply chains. It increases the UK’s opportunity to export green materials and makes UK manufacturers less reliant on other countries for materials while creating opportunities for more high-tech jobs from our own supply of high-quality, green materials.”

The Make UK Manufacturing Awards recognise and celebrate manufacturers who have done exceptional work in the sector.