DK Holdings Limited, Manufacturer Of Precision Diamond Tooling In The United Kingdom Is Pleased To Announce Its Carbon Neutral Status For Scope 1 and 2 Emissions As Of June 2024.

“I am extremely pleased to work with Carbon Neutral Britain, the UK’s Leading Carbon Offsetting Initiative, supporting small to medium-sized companies in their quest to become carbon neutral”, Darren Mills, Finance Director tells us.

“2024 marks our 65th Anniversary Year and one of the pledges the Board of Directors has made is to work towards net zero by implementing a variety of initiatives. Working with organisations such as Carbon Neutral Britain who offset our emissions through projects around the world, supporting communities while installing alternative energy methods is important to all the team here and we’ll continue our quest to be greener for future generations”, Darren concludes.

To read the full Q&A with Darren Mills on DK Holdings’ website, please click here

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