Dr Pete Webb Awarded Visiting Fellowship at Cranfield University

Dr Pete Webb, director of research and development at Permali, has been awarded a Visiting Fellowship at Cranfield University within the Centre for Defence Engineering.

Permali and Cranfield University’s Material College have worked together for more than 20 years on numerous materials and defence related projects for ballistic and blast applications. With Permali’s rich history in defence applications, and Dr Webb’s vast experience in the industry, as well as Cranfield University’s dedication to material science and engineering, the work carried out has led to paths crossing many times. The awarding of a Visiting Fellowship to Permali’s Dr Webb is a culmination of his hard work and dedication to furthering defence innovation, as well as the research and development that surrounds this vital industry.

Dr Webb commented: “It is an honour to be awarded a Visiting Fellowship with Cranfield University, I am very much looking forward to working more closely with the university in a number of areas.” For more than 15 years, Dr Webb, supported by Catherine Crawford, process engineering manager at Permali, have both been working with the university’s Battlefield Technology Course on a series of lectures on survivability and armour as well as industrial tours.

Permali, part of the Diamorph Group, has a strong heritage and proven reputation across land, air and naval defence since 1937. Permali products have seen active service in many conflicts and theatres of operation during WW2, in the Middle East, Northern Ireland and more recently in the Gulf and Afghanistan wars. The company has supplied MOD approved composite solutions to the British Army, NATO and UN personnel and is actively involved in driving innovation in defence using its extensive in-house R&D facilities.

Professor Gareth Appleby-Thomas, professor of high strain-rate material response for defence applications and head of the Center for Defence Engineering, commented on Dr Webb’s fellowship: “I am delighted to have Pete working with us and look forward to the continued collaboration.”

Website: www.permali.co.uk