EXPO-NET Promoting Infusion Processing Flow Mesh Range And Technical Expertise At JEC World 2024

EXPO-NET® Danmark A/S is once again exhibiting at JEC World, Paris, March 5-7, (Hall 5A, P78) to promote its extensive range of 100% recyclable extruded thermoplastic resin flow meshes. The flow mesh products developed and produced by EXPO-NET are extensively used in composite manufacturing as essential vacuum infusion processing aids; during the new product development stage for large parts, such as for a wind generator blade or a yacht deck, up to four different custom made resin flow mesh grades can be used in specific areas of an infused part to increase productivity and to avoid premature resin hardening and air voids. EXPO-NET has been supplying leading wind blade producers for more than 25 years, known for being a highly innovative, technically advanced, problem solving partner.

During 2023, EXPO-NET continued to develop its technical knowledge, working closely with TECHCOLLEGE, located in Aalborg; the college is a leading vocational education and training (VET) institute in Denmark, with over 3000 full-time students; one of college’s specialist offerings is the range of training courses on composite materials and processing. Testing of the 13 different resin flow mesh product grades supplied by EXPO-NET was completed last year using TECHCOLLEGE‘s facilities and support. The test programme, instigated by EXPO-NET to help customers to better understand the rheological impact of different flow mesh grades and types, was developed and conducted by Mark Holmgaard Christensen, EXPO-NET’s plant manager; he is also a composite specialist development engineer and one of the examiners for the TECHCOLLEGE composite training course.

The latest ‘Vacuum Infusion Resin Flow Mesh Technical Processing Guide 2024’, which has now been published, provides comparative data on all the EXPO-NET flow mesh grades currently available. The guide enables an OEM or Tier 1 composite part producer to select the best flow mesh grades to use in different areas of a mould to consistently obtain the desired resin infusion speed and final part quality. Visitors to the EXPO-NET stand during JEC World 2024 will be able to hear about future developments, find out how EXPO-NET can assist customers in more detail, and obtain a copy of the updated 2024 technical processing guide.

EXPO-NET is a key preferred supplier to a wide variety of customers and markets worldwide, supplying both directly and via approved supply chain distributors and kitting partners. The EXPO-NET team prides itself on providing a flexible, responsive customer service, customized products, innovative technical support and a reliable supply chain delivery service. EXPO-NET is committed to its ongoing programme focused on sustainability and net zero.

Website: www.expo-net.com