Far-UK Unveils Exciting Electric Vehicle Project

Far-UK Ltd has been working with Nobe Cars USA to produce an innovative lightweight electric vehicle in carbon fibre composite.

The design of the vehicle was inspired by combining the growing environmental need for more sustainable mobility with the beauty of a classic car. The two models being developed are the 100GT and the Van Dyke.

Nobe built the first prototype to display the exterior design of the vehicle at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2019. The vehicle has subsequently been developed for production using Far’s lightweighting technology.

Kevin Lindsey, co-director at Far, explains “Implementing lightweight innovation for production is what Far does best. Developing a lightweight vehicle that offers a more sustainable transport alternative aligns well with our road map, so we are really pleased to be working with Nobe on this – it makes me happy!”

Far is working with Nobe to integrate the vehicle and has drawn on a wealth of experience from several automotive companies that are specialists in their fields to provide specific components and systems for the vehicle. These companies include Rockfort Engineering, KS Composites, Langen’s Motorcycles and Vital.

Visionary of Nobe Cars, Roman Muljar, comments, “I’m so excited that we are doing this, and seeing the progress of the development is really wonderful. We have created a vehicle that makes people happy when they see it. It looks beautiful and classic but also fun! And all the innovation in sustainable design that has gone into it means that it fits perfectly into the modern world”.

Nobe will be showing the first fully carbon fibre 100GT at Fully Charged Live in April.

Far-UK adds innovation to the development process by combining cutting-edge design techniques with expertise in materials and manufacturing. We solve engineering challenges with demanding performance specifications for a range of projects from components to full vehicle design.

Website: https://www.far-uk.com