FPCC 2024 Aligns with the International Composites Summit

The Fibre Polymer Composites in Construction (FPCC) conference makes its highly anticipated return for 2024 by aligning with the International Composites Summit (ICS) in Milton Keynes this September.

Organised by Composites UK and Fluency, FPCC will spotlight the groundbreaking advancements and transformative applications of fibre polymer composite materials in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Taking place on day 2 of ICS (5th September), this peer reviewed conference will captivate attendees with a dynamic blend of academic and industry trailblazers. Witness the fusion of ideas as leading researchers and visionary innovators come together to unveil the latest developments and forecast the future of fibre-reinforced polymer composites.

Topics covered include:

  • Design
  • Durability
  • Codes and standards
  • Life cycle and sustainability
  • New materials and processes
  • All FRP bridges

Guiding this year’s conference is the renowned Prof. Chao Wu of Imperial College, who leads the esteemed international scientific committee and will chair the event. Andy Cross of Network Rail will deliver the keynote speech that promises to explore the transformative potential of composites in decarbonizing rail infrastructure.

Don’t miss your chance to join this global gathering of minds. Discover the full roster of speakers and secure your place by downloading the programme and registering at www.fpcc-conference.com.

Photo courtesy of Millfield Composites Group Ltd