Hive Composites Expands Testing Facilities

Hive Composites, based in Loughborough UK, has recently expanded its testing capability, and is pleased to offer these facilities and expertise to external clients. Recent additions to the test facility include a unique Zwick universal test machine, specialist composite lighting & utility pole testing rigs and a facility for short term burst testing of composite pipes.

The new Zwick has a unique frame size with a maximum test area of 1100mm wide x 2000mm high, a maximum load capacity of 150kN and is equipped with extensometry. Hive also has strain gauge logging capabilities with an 8 channel NI Labview system as well as FLIR thermal imaging camera and multi-channel temperature logging systems. This equipment is ideally suited to the testing of components and small structures such as composite battery cases, pipe and pole sections, composite mounting systems for 5G antenna, small aircraft fuselage panel testing and many other applications.

The new pole test rigs can test components up to 5 metres long with tests performed in bending and shear. One of the pole test rigs is modular so can be readily reconfigured for a wide range of tests on structures up to 5m long and 2m wide. Other bespoke test rigs can be designed and fabricated to suit specific applications.

The new pipe test facility is for pipe sections up to 1.5m long and can be tested up to 60C. The facility can be modified for sub-ambient tests if required. Hive can design bespoke pipe fittings for these tests to accommodate different pipe diameters and configurations.

Hive Composites is based on the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park and develops disruptive composite material, processing and component technologies including:

  • Thermoplastic Composite Pipes (TCP)
  • Composite 5G masts and mounting systems
  • Pultrusion design and testing
  • Filament wound component structural design and testing
  • Multi-functional composite materials – e.g. embedded heating and electronic circuits etc