How to Make the Most of your FTIR System with Flexible Accessories

Shimadzu UK has made selection of its FTIR system accessories even easier with a comprehensive, downloadable, quick-read guide. Whatever your specimen, liquid, solid, liquid/solid or gas, Shimadzu’s invaluable guide is organised to enable you to speedily learn how you can extend the power of your FTIR system with affordable accessories, including Infra-red microscopy and powerful software features and add-ons.

This guide provides the perfect opportunity to make sure you are getting the most from your FTIR system, and its extensive software features, and gain a new appreciation of exactly how the capabilities of your system can be expanded with the wide range of accessories featured. These include, for liquids, the Integrated Liquid Transmission Accessory, perfect for simple sample application and rapid cleaning between samples; the Demountable Liquid Transmission Accessory, with flexible choice of windows, pathlength and flow-through design; and the Flow Through Cell Accessory, ideal for the analysis of organic or aqueous liquid samples with a variety of flow through cells, including high pressure and/or high temperature options.

The Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) Accessory is very popular for both liquids and solids, thanks to its versatility, making it perfect for pharmaceutical powders/liquids, purity assessments, films and coatings analysis as well as catalysts and general chemistry. The Temperature Controlled ATR adds to these benefits by being able to both measure samples at different temperatures and to gather data during temperature changes. There is also a range of solid sample holders featured in the guide, including spring-loaded and sliding holders and magnetic and pellet holders. The Microfocus Beam Condenser with Diamond Compression Cell is ideal for small solid samples, such as paint chips or forensic hair samples. For surface chemistry solid samples, Diffuse Reflectance Accessories, which can be temperature controlled, are also featured.

If your work involves gas samples Shimadzu’s guide provides information on both Fixed and Variable Pathlength Gas Cells (10 cm-20 m) and Temperature Control Gas cells, while for Infra-red Microscopy there are two IR microscopy options outlined; the Integrated Microscopy Accessory and dedicated High-end IR Microscope.

To maximise the potential of your FTIR systems and the accessories available you will also find concise descriptions of the powerful software packages available from Shimadzu. These include IRPILOT, which features built-in, step by step, application programs including contamination and identification analysis; the very popular Easy Macro Program that allows users to program their own analysis workflow; and Time Course Software, perfect for monitoring variations of a sample, as in kinetic studies, with Rapid Scan for high-speed kinetics and a Curve Fitting Function to allow peak separation/deconvolution. Plus, there is a Polymer Software package and a Quantitation Program for quantifying unknown concentrations using reference standards, or using chemometric calculations software features.

Shimadzu are renowned for producing high quality, affordable spectroscopy equipment, recently extended with their exciting new IRXross FTIR system. Judicial use of appropriate accessories can provide even greater range and applicability.

In line with Shimadzu UK’s intentions to keep its buying information as concise and comprehensible as possible, this buyers guide has been assembled to provide laboratory managers, and all associated research staff, with exactly what they need to stay on top of this rapidly developing field.