Hydrogen Component and Vessel Testing Service

Hydrotechnik UK Test Engineering Ltd. Has developed a bespoke high-pressure burst and cyclic test service to test hydrogen components and tanks/vessels in accordance with UN ECE Regulation R134.

The in-house rig can achieve pressures up to 3,000 Bar and cycle peak-to-peak pressures until failure or pass up to 22,000 cycles.

With water as the medium, the test rig has strain gauging, pressure, temperature and video logging for full traceability. Temperature is controlled throughout the test to compensate for any heat build-up.

Peak-to-peak cycles can be set from 2 per minute up to 10 per minute.

Located in Nottingham, this low-cost testing service can help manufacturers quickly test new product designs and concepts.

All tests are videoed in HD and all parameters, including strain gauging, are fully data logged at high speed to pinpoint failures/peak pressures.

For more information, including a video of a tank bursting, visit: Burst & Cyclic Testing Service | Hydrotechnik Test Engineering Ltd

Website: www.hydrotechnik.co.uk