Innoptus Solar Team Select JETCAM as Nesting Partner for 2023 World Solar Challenge Vehicle

The Belgian-based Innoptus Solar Team, current World Champion of the World Solar Challenge, has selected JETCAM as its nesting partner to build plies for its 2023 solar powered vehicle.

The team will use JETCAM Expert with High Performance nesting along with JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) to generate highly optimised nests quickly and automatically for cutting. This process is greatly reduced and de-skilled through automation and stored knowledge engineering technology. Importing DXF geometries of plies has been made quick and simple, with JOC able to send plies for nesting and create assemblies for future use.

The Innoptus Solar Team can expect a swift nesting performance, with a full process taking just under two minutes. This benefit will significantly streamline the creation of its innovative vehicle plies.

A spokesperson for the Innoptus Solar team commented; “JETCAM enables us to quickly nest our composite plies and use our material as efficiently as possible. Partnered with JETCAM, the Innoptus Solar Team strives to build its 10th car and prolong its world title in solar racing.”

Martin Bailey, General Manager of JETCAM added; “Where time is of the essence, and due to the low volumes and high variety of plies being produced, the ability for the Innoptus team to go from CAD file to a highly optimised nest within a matter of minutes is critical. We are extremely excited to support the team and look forward to watching their success throughout 2023 and beyond.”