JETCAM Offers The Standalone CAD Splitter Free to Customers

Available to all JETCAM Expert users with a current maintenance contract

JETCAM International s.a.r.l., a leading automation software developer for the sheet metal
and composite industries, has announced that their popular CAD Splitter software is now
available as a free standalone application for all customers with an active maintenance
contract. Previously only available as part of JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) Premium, the
CAD Splitter delivers enhanced operational capabilities to all JETCAM Expert users.

“Our customers are constantly looking for ways to optimise their processes and increase
productivity,” said Martin Bailey, General Manager at JETCAM. “By making the CAD Splitter
readily available at no additional cost, we’re supporting our customers to work smarter and
faster, maximising their return on investment in JETCAM solutions.”

The CAD Splitter provides a rapid mechanism for splitting single DXF files – containing a nest
or several geometries – into separate component files. The software enables quick
expansions and individual file creations that are ready for import and tooling within JETCAM

Configured for adaptability, the CAD Splitter supports both sheet metal and composite parts
and offers unlimited configuration profiles. This lets users tailor parameters for each distinct
DXF source file, such as the ability to hide specific layers or rename the outputted DXF files.
Saved settings can correspond to each individual’s requirements.

Some of the benefits of the CAD Splitter tool include the ability to specify layer information,
control over output file properties, and immediate graphical representations of both nests
and individual split DXFs. All these features provide users with an elevated level of control
and management over output properties. The software is designed to streamline workflows
and simplify usability.

The JETCAM CAD Splitter is available free of charge for all JETCAM Expert users with a
current maintenance contract. Customers can download it immediately from the JETCAM
Download Wizard. A short video course on JETCAM University is also available online,
allowing users to learn the system in under 20 minutes.