JETCAM Releases New Unfolding Option

Partnership with AutoPOL delivers full automation from 3D file to NC code

JETCAM International s.a.r.l, a leading provider of sheet metal and composite cutting solutions, has today announced the launch of its new 3D Unfolding software module developed in partnership with AutoPOL. The new module is an optional extension to the JETCAM Expert system, designed to streamline the process of converting a wide range of 3D CAD file formats into flattened 2D patterns across diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, and fabrication.

The JETCAM 3D Unfolding module automates the flattening of 3D models during the CAD import process, handling everything from simple profiles to advanced pieces with single-curved and free-form surfaces. It seamlessly integrates with most popular CAD formats, providing outputs that are immediately ready for production. It works in conjunction with a CAD interface to pass all the required information to JETCAM Expert, allowing for automatic CAD import. The resulting tooled component files are then immediately available for nesting.

Key Features of JETCAM 3D Unfolding:

  • Fast and automatic: JETCAM Unfolder can work silently in the background to quickly flatten 3D files to 2D DXFs
  • Flexibility in Licensing: The module can be used with a single JETCAM Expert system or licensed across multiple systems, also providing options for standalone and network configurations.
  • Enhanced Production Readiness: Output from the unfolding process can include important production data such as bend lines, angles, and tool information.
  • Supported Formats: Extensive support for various file import and export formats including ACIS, CATIA, ProE/Creo, IGES, STEP, and several other popular formats, ensuring versatility and compatibility.
  • Upcoming enhancements to the module will include support for automatic unfolding of complete assemblies, further aiding its ability to deliver comprehensive automation.

Martin Bailey, Managing Director of JETCAM International s.a.r.l., stated, “Our collaboration with AutoPOL has been focused on bringing an advanced tool that bridges the gap between complex 3D designs and the production floor. With JETCAM 3D Unfolding, manufacturers can expect a significant reduction in preparation time, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring a direct path from design to production.”

Fredrik Holmvik, Managing Director of FCC Software AB added; “We have had a long-term friendly relationship with JETCAM, and share some dealers and many customers. It made perfect sense to work on this collaboration to extend the automation from 3D part right through to nesting and cutting.”

The software is available for immediate release and is available in various licensing options including cloud-based and on-premise solutions to accommodate different IT infrastructures and operational scales.