KS Composites Invite Pupils on National Manufacturing Day

KS Composites invited pupils of Old Dalby Primary School to its 45,000 sq facility near Melton
Mowbray today in recognition of National Manufacturing Day.

KS Composites, a leading innovator in the field of engineering and technology, took the
opportunity to announce its partnership with Old Dalby Primary School, a pillar of educational
excellence in the community. This collaboration represents a significant step towards
enriching the educational experience of young minds and fostering a strong bond between the
business and education sectors.

The partnership is grounded in a shared commitment to promoting science, technology,
engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. By joining forces, the two entities aim to
provide students with unique opportunities to explore the exciting world of engineering and
technology, inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Jamie Smith, Managing Director of KS Composites expressed enthusiasm for the
collaboration, saying, “We believe in nurturing the talents of our young students and inspiring
them to dream big. By partnering with Old Dalby Primary School, we hope to ignite the spark
of curiosity that will lead to the innovations of tomorrow.”

Mrs Rosie Browne, Head Teacher, shared the school’s excitement about the partnership,
stating, “We are thrilled to partner with KS to provide our students with valuable experiences
that will shape their futures. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to offering the best
education possible.”

The partnership kicked off today with a visit of some Year 5 students to the KS factory. This
partnership exemplifies the positive impact that businesses and schools can have when they
work together to enhance education and support the community. We look forward to a bright
future of innovation, learning, and community engagement.

Website: KS Composites