KS Composites Unveil New FRP Footbridge for Network Rail

Last week saw the culmination of 2.5 years work for the team at KS on an innovative, new railway footbridge for Network Rail. The FLOW bridge (Fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP), Lower cost, Optimised design, Working bridge provided a faster, more sustainable, and affordable solution following the closure of a dangerous level crossing.

Director and Project Lead, Daniel Swain said: “The 21m long bridge is by far the single, largest piece of manufacturing we have completed here at KS. However, we rose to the challenge and were able to work with the design team and use our skills as necessary. The fact that we went from blank sheet of paper to completion and installation of prototype within 11 months is an incredible achievement and testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved.”

The cost of the bridge is around 40% less than its traditional steel counterparts. It also weighs less than half that of a steel bridge, so its transportation and installation costs have reduced its carbon footprint considerably. On top of this, we have also incorporated the use of flax on the main spine sections and used throughout for trim panels.

Managing Director, Jamie Smith said: “It has been a pleasure for KS to be involved in such a project. Sustainability is one of our key values and to be at the forefront of such an innovative solution to a long-standing problem that will be of significant benefit to a local community, and the environment is something of which we can be very proud.”

Website: www.kscomposites.com