Largest Industrial Robot In The UK Delivered To Loop Technology

The industrial automation and robotics specialist, Loop Technology, recently broke into unprecedented territory when they took delivery of two Fanuc M-2000iA robots at their headquarters in Dorchester.

The Fanuc M-2000iA series are the largest and strongest family of industrial robots in the world. Loop Technology took delivery of a M-2000iA/1700L, the strongest long reach robot on earth with nearly 4.7 metres of reach, as well as an M-2000iA/900L.

These two gigantic robots will form part of their latest FibreLINE system for a North American aerospace customer. FibreLINE provides an exponential increase in the deposition rate of carbon fibre and other material when manufacturing composite aerostructures, automotive parts, wind turbines and other components.

FibreFORM, a 3D double curvature pick and place end effector which is central to this FibreLINE, weighs over a tonne and has many axes of motion. These robots provide the necessary payload and reach to handle FibreFORM whilst delivering unfettered access to the cell area, where precision gantries do not.

Loop Technology have ordered an additional five FANUC M-2000iA industrial robots for a FibreLINE to be installed at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre. This is for a manufacturing R&D project to be delivered by partners Boeing, Sprit AeroSystems, Loop Technology and AMRC.

See the video of the installation here

Website: Loop Technology