LinkedIn Post on Project Arrow

At Les Consulting it can be difficult to share or publicise success stories or a projects achievements, due to confidential and highly strategic nature of their clients’ engagements. This time they had the permission to share about Project Arrow, please read the story below:

Rewinding the clock back to 2020… It was the time were the world came to a halt, through the dark days of the pandemic, we were all trying to conduct business in semi-normal conditions, but it was extremely tough, these were the days of TEAMs and Zoom calls, automotive and aerospace corporations and supply chain companies slashing budgets, cancelling long term strategic investments, trying to contain costs and navigating the difficult waters of the world-wide pandemic, with a 2-3 months short term operational planning horizon…

Flavio Volpe, President of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) had a phone call with Dr Marcello Grassi, Founder and Managing in Director of LES Consulting, saying “We have an idea, it might sound crazy, but I would like to build an EV Car demonstrator using only Canadian supply chain companies proving to the world what our industrial base can supply into future clean mobility EV automotive products… would you be interested in supporting this … Can you help?”

The answer was straight away… “Yes sure, we are in!”

Of course, Dr Grassi and his consulting firm LES couldn’t have supported this project without the expertise of one of the most experienced chief engineers and Automotive senior executive, Mr Fraser Dunn, Former Aston Martin and now independently collaborating with LES Consulting in the main Clean Mobility projects, as well as the incredible styling undertaken by Mr Richard Seale of Seale Design.

Mr Dunn with his exceptional knowledge in automotive and engineering development projects and Dr Grassi leading the technology innovation and supply chain competitiveness analysis, have been steering the direction of Project Arrow working closely with the APMA leadership team.

The Project Arrow team turned a visionary idea into a real working EV prototype in less than 18 months!

Volpe said “LES Consulting is one of the most agile, knowledgeable, niche strategy consultancy firms, with a deep technical knowledge of the high value manufacturing and clean mobility markets. Their understanding of engineering, product development and manufacturing processes, as well as emerging technologies and supply chain players in the clean mobility sector is second to none.

Marcello Grassi replied “We at LES Consulting, were incredibly pleased to be able to support APMA and the EV Canadian supply chain on this strategic project for the whole of the industry. The APMA has shown the world how to bring together capabilities and innovation from various companies in this very stylish and ground-breaking prototype EV demonstrator.”

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