Micris Win Project through Composites UK B2B Brokerage Service

Composites UK offers a business-to-business brokerage service to all companies looking for a specific composite material, process, service or solution.

All general enquiries that are sent to the Association, either by email, through the website or phone, are passed on to the most relevant of our member companies – another reason why you should be a member if you’re not already signed up.

Composites UK uses its Hub Database – the UK’s composites capabilities database – and the Operations Team’s knowledge of member companies to allocate enquries appropriately. The Association encourage all members to keep their Hub profile up-to-date to help faciliate this.

Composites UK member company, Micris, were working with an European customer on a new project for a radome. Part of the project was a requirement of the radome being able to withstand high wind speeds.

Micris is a growing company providing composite products and services, such as radomes and fire & safety cabinets, as well as bespoke products tailored to customer requirements.

Micris came to Composites UK to see if the Association could recommend a company who could conduct a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) study, and had a good knowledge of composites.

Composites UK were able to pass on details of a number of suitable companies. Micris then reached out to these and secured a partnership with a company based in Scotland to assist them with the FEA required.

This meant Micris were able to win the project, as they could validate the radome would be fit for the specified application. The total value of the initial project was £17K.

Website: www.micris.co.uk