MW Polymers Multi Occupancy Building Anti Corrosion Gas Leak Repair Sleeves Fireproof to 1000c

The Building Safety Bill is making its way through Parliament. It proposes changes to building safety law that will place new duties on those who are responsible for the safety of high-rise residential buildings in England – buildings that are seven storeys or more, or 18 metres and above in height.

The Bill proposes a proportionate, risk-based and systematic approach to prevent and reduce the severity of serious incidents and ensure safer buildings.

MW Polymers have designed an Anti-Corrosion sleeve repair kit that repairs gas leaks and covers typical corrosion found on metal pipework on mid and high-rise buildings.

Using CAD 3D design the aesthetically designed moulded sleeve fits around munsen rings, tees and elbows as well as service threaded pipes. Extensions for larger pipe repairs are also available. They are quick and easy to fit and meet the safety standard UL94 for flammability of plastic materials making them fireproof.

A key element of the proposed changes is that high-rise residential buildings will need a safety case when they are occupied. It will complement existing building and fire safety legislation and require those responsible to think critically about the potential fire and structural hazards in their buildings and show how they are keeping their buildings safe.

Website: For more information on the Building Safety Reforms visit the HSE website