New Board of Directors Announced

At its Annual General Meeting on 18th May, Composites UK announced the five people nominated onto its Board of Directors this year by its member companies.

The Board is made up of 11 Directors (plus others who are co-opted in specialist areas) who are members of Composites UK themselves. Each Board Director is nominated for a term of two years.

Voted in for 2022 – 2024 are (in company order):

  • Dr. Clara Frias – Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
  • Joe Summers – Airborne Composites Ltd
  • Dr. Faye Smith – Avalon Consultancy Services
  • Jen Hill – B&M Longworth
  • Dominic Hopwood – SHD Composites

Clara, Joe, Faye and Dominic are re-elected onto the Board. Jen Hill is newly welcomed.

Jen Hill commented: “I’m so pleased and excited to be joining this board of industry professionals! I strongly feel that we, the UK composites industry can succeed, through collaboration and true partnership, with the backing of a sound and proactive trade association. Only by pulling together can we onshore advanced material production, optimise reusability, reduce import and supply chain issues and improve the UK’s export potential, all while leading on sustainability in composites.

“To play a small part in helping make all this happen at board level, makes me very proud.”

The rest of the current Board of Directors comprises of:

  • Luke Vardy – Cygnet Texkimp
  • Jonathan Howard – Dura Composites
  • Alan Banks – Ford Motor Company (Chairman)
  • Ben Wilson – MPM Ltd
  • Matt Bradney – Prodrive
  • Adam Black – Technical Fibre Products
  • Andrew Hopcraft – National Composites Centre (Co-opted – Catapult representative)
  • Steven Brown – Scott Bader Company Ltd (Co-opted – Sustainability specialist)
  • Scott Tolson (Co-opted – finance)

The Board of Directors and the Operations Team at Composites UK would like to thank John Toner of Teledyne CML Composites who has now left the Board, having made an invaluable contribution to help steer the Association over the past few years as a Director but also as Chairman since 2020