New Chapter for 85-year-old Gloucester Based Manufacturer

It’s an exciting time for Diamorph Group, the materials science-based company. As part of a 6 million initial investment in developing a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub, Diamorph’s Gloucester site will be home to Permali, Tenmat & Railko branded products and is set to more than double its revenue in 2023 with many further exciting opportunities ahead.

At the helm of this transformation are Paul Patterson, Operations Director and Tony Beswick, Managing Director (Composite & Polymer Materials), both were appointed since the Diamorph acquisition of the Gloucester business, Permali, in 2021. Over the past months Paul has led the operational changes inside including creating new processing capabilities for bearings and seals in the marine industry and the addition of facilities to support the large increase in employees. In the coming weeks you will see the start of work on the externals of the building and additional production equipment will continue to arrive almost weekly.

Tony Beswick having only started in May 2022 is already confident in the future of the group’s Gloucester site: “After only being here a short while, I can already see the ambition of the Diamorph group to support the Gloucester team in taking the business forward into a new era. It is the dedication of the staff old and new which has transformed our capabilities and better service our customers. “ The customers I have spoken to already are excited about ambition and I am confident sustained growth will follow after completion of this first phase of investment.”

Servicing a wide range of clients from Airbus, Boeing, British and other NATO armed forces, BAE Systems, all Formula 1 teams, NASA, London Underground and many more – the Diamorph Group sets its sights to the future.

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