New Tool Eliminates Need to Post-Process for SMC Panel Fastening

As part of an ongoing R&D partnership with Cranfield University, bigHead Bonding Fasteners has produced a demonstration mould tool that shows how bigHeads can be embedded into that trickiest of materials and processes, sheet moulding compound (SMC), without any ingress of resin into the fixing.  The embedding solution is a one-step process that removes the need for any secondary processes like drilling or punching to insert a fastener.  

“At bigHead we don’t just make fasteners,” said Matt Stevens, Managing Director “We also understand the challenges of composite moulding processes and tooling. We can work with you to optimise the fastener, not just for your final product, but for your manufacturing process also.  If would like to pay us a visit we would be delighted to show you how our innovation can streamline your production process, and even simplify your mould tool design.”

The bigHead development office is located in Cranfield Technology Park, next to Cranfield University.