Norco Proudly Commits To The Armed Forces Covenant

Norco is proud to announce its formal commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, a nation-wide promise ensuring fair treatment and respect for those who serve or have served in the British Armed Forces and their families.

This significant pledge is a testament to Norco’s dedication to acknowledging and understanding the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces community.

The Armed Forces Covenant is not merely a formal gesture; it represents a deep-seated commitment to those who have dedicated their lives to our nation’s service. It signifies our understanding that these individuals and their families deserve to be treated with fairness and respect in all facets of community, economic, and societal life. The Covenant specifically focuses on ensuring equal access to healthcare, education, family well-being, housing, employment, and financial services for members of the Armed Forces community.

By signing the Covenant, Norco joins a diverse group of organisations, including the UK Government, the single Services (Royal Navy, British Army, and Royal Air Force), local government, the NHS, schools, charities, and businesses of all sizes. This collective effort underlines our shared responsibility towards those who have served our country.

Our Managing Director, Mark Northey, officially sign the pledge, accompanied by an Armed Forces representative – Andy Kavanagh. Mark expressed his enthusiasm about this initiative, stating:
“At Norco, we recognise the immense value and sacrifices of our Armed Forces. This commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant is not just a duty but a privilege. We are dedicated to ensuring that our practices reflect the respect and gratitude we hold for our service members and their families. This pledge marks a significant step in our ongoing efforts to support and honour the Armed Forces community.”

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, we will continually review and update our pledge, ensuring that our support for the Armed Forces community remains robust and relevant. We are honoured to play our part in this national promise, standing alongside those who have served our country with such distinction.