Norco Welcomes Rear Admiral Donald Doull CBE For A VIP Facility Tour

Norco Composites & GRP, a leader in the manufacture of composite structures and tooling, was honoured to host Rear Admiral Donald Doull CBE, the Royal Navy’s Director of Capability, for a comprehensive tour of its facilities and an inspiring speech to its employees. This visit marks a significant moment for Norco, underlining the company’s vital contribution to the UK’s defence sector through its innovative composite solutions.

During his visit, Rear Admiral Doull had the opportunity to witness first-hand the advanced processes and equipment employed by Norco. The tour included demonstrations of Norco’s capabilities in manufacturing complex composite structures that are crucial for various defence applications. In addition, Rear Admiral Doull addressed Norco’s employees, commending their commitment and contribution to national defence through their exceptional work.

Rear Admiral Doull stated, “In today’s visit, we are reminded of the critical role that innovation and excellence in manufacturing play in supporting the UK’s security. Norco’s dedication to advancing composite solutions not only contributes to our nation’s defence capabilities but also reinforces our position on the global stage as leaders in technological and engineering competence. It’s partnerships like these that ensure our continued security and technological edge.”

Mark Northey, Managing Director of Norco, expressed his gratitude for Rear Admiral Doull’s presence and the strong partnership between Norco and the Royal Navy. “Reflecting on Norco’s upcoming 40th anniversary and my 30 years leading the charge, the journey has been remarkable. Having Rear Admiral Doull visit our facilities really puts into perspective the vast array of products we’ve developed and our significant contributions to national defence. This visit underscores the dedication and hard work of our team, highlighting our commitment to innovation and excellence in composite manufacturing.” Northey said.

This visit reinforces the strong relationship between Norco Composites & GRP and the UK’s defence sector, highlighting the company’s role in contributing to national security and technological advancements.