Our Time on Earth – Innovation through Collaboration

Cecence and Margent Farm’s hemp bio-resin composite materials are part of a new show at the Barbican in London. The beautifully curated show ‘Our Time on Earth’ focuses in on where we are now and where we need to be in relation to our use of and how we work with our planet. Guest Curators Franklin Till have created a holistic and thought-provoking event where the fabric of the exhibition is as important as the exhibits themselves.

Three different shades of ecocence hemp veneers were manufactured and fabricated by Cecence to house air, water and soil samples taken from the Barbican Estate in April 2022. The White Wall Company constructed a Tardis like central area which uses the hemp corrugations horizontally to form a large semi-circular skirt and frames the space for Territorial Agency’s stunning ‘2040 – Sensible Zone’ and placed vertically the hemp corrugated panels act as a backdrop to the display of costumes by Anne Crabtree for Planet City by Liam Young. Other design materials and elements work elegantly alongside the richness of the hemp materials with most of the signage on clay plaster boards printed with algae ink.

Co-Curator Caroline Till gave an impassioned speech at Wednesday evening’s private view thanking her fellow collaborators and talking of the importance of cultivating networks of artists, architects, designers, engineers and makers in enabling a mycelium like network of work to be created. She ended by highlighting that innovation was driven by collaboration, a philosophy that Cecence has always adopted to good effect.

Website: www.cecence.com