Plyable World-First for Engineers with AI-Powered Automated Mould Design

Plyable, a company revolutionising composite tooling for engineers, has announced the world’s first fully automated mould design process, reducing the labour-intensive step between component design and manufacturing to mere minutes.

This AI-powered processing of tooling design and the accurate quoting of mould manufacturing costs is the first of its kind in the world. The approach applies advanced technology to quickly calculate tooling prices based on designs, a task that currently requires engineering expertise. Days and hours of work can be compressed into minutes, releasing engineers to focus on value-add design work.

Plyable customer, Sam Pellows, the Managing Director at SR Structures who manufacture composite components for applications from grand prix sailing yachts to naval vessels explained: “Plyable’s innovations in automated mould design mark a significant milestone in manufacturing efficiency. By reducing lead times and engineering hours, they are transforming the way we, as a business, approach production.”

The new automated mould design process works from any CAD file and allows design, quotation and fulfilment of precision mould manufacturing to be managed in one seamless process from

This latest innovation supplements Plyable’s ground-breaking global network that allows engineers to access manufacturing in 20 countries across 1,500 3 and 5-axis machines to ensure every job is matched to the best supplier to meet the engineering challenge, material, tolerance, size or lead time. This global, quality-assured network enables the expedited delivery of precision moulds more quickly and competitively than traditional reliance on a few local suppliers

Martin Oughton, Plyable’s CEO said: “Plyable was founded on the objective to shift engineering in high performance areas from passenger aircraft and submarines to Formula 1 cars away from a very slow and analogue reliance on traditional mould manufacturing. We’ve achieved that by building an international network of high-calibre tooling manufacturers accessible from to deliver speed, precision and cost-effectiveness. Today we’re announcing the next step in this journey by embracing AI to rid design engineers of another bottleneck in their workflows – the mould design process. By delivering all of this in one end-to-end system, we’ve taken the process of mould design, quotation and manufacturing fulfilment towards total automation.”

Plyable’s service is live and available to customers at; company representatives will be demonstrating the solution next week at the JEC World composites show in Paris from 5th – 7th of March.